Muddy Hairy

Eating, Rolling, Sleeping

Having fun rolling in the mud




Miss Pound

Blonde, Tall

Teaching, Laughing, Screaming

She makes you feel very calm



Everyday people coughing miserably, someone who is doesn’t smoke smokes, someone who is little gets that cigarette in their mouth now that needs to stop! About 290 people die a week because of smoking, so why smoke? Smoking is one of worst thing you can do to your body.  You can get Lung diseases like cancer, emphysema, and more importantly you can reduce your life by 10 years if you smoke. Smoking is addictive and will cost you thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime.

Research shows that smoking causes Lung diseases like cancer, emphysema and heart disease. The tobacco in your cigarette carries chemicals like nicotine, which makes your body become addicted and it makes you want to smoke all the time.  Another poisonous chemical found a cigarette is cyanide. Over a long time these chemicals cause all of the health problems above.

Did you know that if you smoke it can reduce your life by 10 years? Yep! It has been proven that smoking is really bad for a lot of reasons. We all know that exercise keeps you healthy. A smoker becomes short of breath and finds it really hard to exercise. Smokers get sick more often. They get colds and coughs very easily because their immune system is week. Smokers are more at risk of getting strokes.

You can waste a lot of money by smoking. It’s a very expensive habit. An average smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes a day would spend around $3000 a year on smoking which is damaging their bodies. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a relaxing holiday? Or new clothes.

In Conclusion, you should not smoke and if you do quit now! Because you can get Lung diseases like cancer and emphysema, you can reduce your life by 10 years and you can waste a lot of money by smoking so why would you smoke?


Camp Kangaroobie

It was the day, Camp was today, and my heart was beating because I was scared and excited in a way. I had to skip Tennis because I had tennis on Monday morning. We went to school nice and early and put my suitcase outside the school and waited for someone to come. My Mum and Isaac left because Isaac had a camp as well so he came and said goodbye to me and so did my mum. We got onto the bus and I sat next to Alexandra V. She was funny and nice. We had to take 2 stops because the trip was so long. The first stop was… I can’t remember the name, anyway we got there and we could eat our playlunch. We went to the 12 apostles; they were really interesting and great to look at. Then we hopped back on the bus and went to the next stop which was The Otway fly. A girl toured us around and told us all about the plants, it was fun. We ate our lunch and had a bit of free time, I took a lot of photos. We got back on the bus and continued to drive to camp.

 We got to camp and I was so excited. We got in our cabins, mine was called Eric the Red, and all of the cabins were named after a boat accident. In my cabin there was Nicole, Hayley, Alex V, Georgia Sa, Madison and I. We all had a lot of fun mucking around in those cabins. That day was a settle in day, but at night we had to do bush dancing and I got picked to dance with a boy, his name is James. Then we had to dance with random boys. It was time for bed, I was exhausted and I went to sleep so quickly. The next day was a big day; it was an activity day, so we got up and had breakfast. The whole grade 5/6 class got split up in 3 groups. I was in Lochard Leaders.

Our first activity was games so we played a game which was like the Hunger games. We all had different colour headbands, the colours were green for Herbivore, Red for Carnivore, and Black for Deceases and Human for teachers, which the teachers did.  I was an herbivore. We played and it didn’t go so well, I didn’t like the game very much as I lost all my livesL. The next game we played was Farming, farming was where we had to farm. We got carried around in this tractor. It was really fun. Next we did the obstacle course; we had to go in partners. I had Nicole as my partner which I made me happy. We got really muddy. Next was the last thing, which was canoeing. I kind of liked it, except the dude was a liar; he said if girls looked at a cow they will come storming at you. Right from the start I didn’t believe it, but just in case it was real, I kept looking down. It was the end of the day and we were all pooped so once again we went to bed as fast as a Cheetah.

Next morning we had a relaxing day but at night we had a trivia night and our name was ‘’The group of ten but 6’’ because we had 6 in our group and our number was 10. Next morning was an exciting day we went to the beach and had heaps and heaps of fun. We had a sandcastle competition and we built a mermaid but no one won because no one was doing it. Then we had some games and a mint find and our team won. After that we had a formal dinner. We all got dressed up in our fancy clothes and got ready and someone chose me to be their partner. It was Hudson Ryan. I thought the formal night was going to be better but it was the same as every other night, just dinner and no fun. After the formal we had a movie night, sadly after the movie was our last night.

Next morning we got up bright and early and hopped on the bus and went back to boring old school but again we had 2 stops and got back to school. It was sad to leave such a beautiful place and I really hope to go again.



Lined house

We had to do a lined house and make shapes. If it wasn’t a shape we couldn’t do it.Then we had to paint the  backround we put slat to make a better affect but mine didn’t work!!

World Maths Day

On the 14th of march we celebrated World Maths day. We had Riley and Gee being our teachers, tehy did a game,We had to make the number from these little cards we put in the middle of the circle for exaple 5 x 5 So that equals 25 so we had to get a 2 and a 5 not at once the people in your group had to help you get the numbers and work out the sum the next game we played was 21 if you dont know this game we said a number eg 1 and the next person will say the next you are only allowed to say 3 numbers if you get 21 you have to it down and if you say more than 3 numbers you sit down and then who ever won won a choclate frog. I had a great World Maths day


100 Word Challenge!

This is my 100 Word Challenge

Once there were three little pigs named Alfred, Bob and Ginger. Alfred was the oldest and he had a stone house. Bob was the middle of the family and he had a wooden house. Ginger was the youngest and she had a water house. Alfred got bullied by a big, nasty Gorilla so he ran like a girl crying to Bob’s house. However the Gorilla came and bullied both of them, so they ran crying like two girls to Ginger’s house. The Gorilla came and tried to bully Ginger, but she just slapped him till it hurt. That was the end of the Gorilla’s bullying!

Sophie and Jess were on a Mystery Island, no one had seen it before. They decided to call it NeverLeaveMeMate Island and they placed a flag on the hill they just climbed. Suddenly they heard a rumble, “rrrrrrrr’’. Masses of lava was pushing through the earth. “Quickly Runnnnnn!’’ They sprinted as fast as their hearts could take them. They saw a tree, “Jess follow me”, screamed Sophie. They went up the tree however it was so thin it was swaying everywhere. Sophie and Jess jumped down and climbed a thicker tree and when the sizzling lava came the girls were hoping the tree wouldn’t fall down and luckily it didn’t.

Scott Kneller

On Tuesday 11th of Feb We Talked to Scott Kneller. We asked Him Questions and He answerd Back i had a lot of fun dressing up to try to impress him . Our Class Made our class out of yellow and green stremers. We asked him if He was aright cause he broke his verdibrae and he was trying to recover and he did  and his is going to go into the olympics.


Hey Everyone Welcome to 2014. I am So glad im in Miss Bakers Class She is Nice, Funny, Kind and More i have also wanted miss baker even know i have her in year 1 I hope evertone Enjoy 2014 Like i do.


Love Alexandra 😀