Scott Kneller

On Tuesday 11th of Feb We Talked to Scott Kneller. We asked Him Questions and He answerd Back i had a lot of fun dressing up to try to impress him . Our Class Made our class out of yellow and green stremers. We asked him if He was aright cause he broke his verdibrae and he was trying to recover and he did  and his is going to go into the olympics.


Hey Everyone Welcome to 2014. I am So glad im in Miss Bakers Class She is Nice, Funny, Kind and More i have also wanted miss baker even know i have her in year 1 I hope evertone Enjoy 2014 Like i do.


Love Alexandra 😀



My Rabbit Story

Rabbits can be large, Medium or small mammals. They have 28 teeth and loved to chew. Their teeth never stop growing. Rabbits are pests for farmers because they eat their crops.

Rabbits live in underground barrows or bunny holes. They often live in forests, meadows, grassland, desserts and wetlands. More than half the world’s rabbit population live in North America.

Rabbits are Herbivores. They eat clovers, grass, wild flowers, farm crops and their own poop so they can digest the nutrients.

Rabbit Live for 9-12 years. The world’s oldest Rabbit was 18 years old. The largest rabbit weighed approximately 30kg and the smallest weighed around 1kg.

There are many types of rabbits such as the Neverland Dwarf. They make excellent pets. Most of their diet is grass, carrots, small amounts of banana and leafy green vegetables.

Mini Lop Rabbits are playful little pets. They are very fast leaners. They weigh around 1.5kg and have very floppy ears.

Rabbits come in all sizes and love eating leafy green plants. They are fluffy and cute mammals that make excellent pets.

By Alexandra.

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