100 Word Challenge!

This is my 100 Word Challenge

Once there were three little pigs named Alfred, Bob and Ginger. Alfred was the oldest and he had a stone house. Bob was the middle of the family and he had a wooden house. Ginger was the youngest and she had a water house. Alfred got bullied by a big, nasty Gorilla so he ran like a girl crying to Bob’s house. However the Gorilla came and bullied both of them, so they ran crying like two girls to Ginger’s house. The Gorilla came and tried to bully Ginger, but she just slapped him till it hurt. That was the end of the Gorilla’s bullying!

Sophie and Jess were on a Mystery Island, no one had seen it before. They decided to call it NeverLeaveMeMate Island and they placed a flag on the hill they just climbed. Suddenly they heard a rumble, “rrrrrrrr’’. Masses of lava was pushing through the earth. “Quickly Runnnnnn!’’ They sprinted as fast as their hearts could take them. They saw a tree, “Jess follow me”, screamed Sophie. They went up the tree however it was so thin it was swaying everywhere. Sophie and Jess jumped down and climbed a thicker tree and when the sizzling lava came the girls were hoping the tree wouldn’t fall down and luckily it didn’t.

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