Everyday people coughing miserably, someone who is doesn’t smoke smokes, someone who is little gets that cigarette in their mouth now that needs to stop! About 290 people die a week because of smoking, so why smoke? Smoking is one of worst thing you can do to your body.  You can get Lung diseases like cancer, emphysema, and more importantly you can reduce your life by 10 years if you smoke. Smoking is addictive and will cost you thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime.

Research shows that smoking causes Lung diseases like cancer, emphysema and heart disease. The tobacco in your cigarette carries chemicals like nicotine, which makes your body become addicted and it makes you want to smoke all the time.  Another poisonous chemical found a cigarette is cyanide. Over a long time these chemicals cause all of the health problems above.

Did you know that if you smoke it can reduce your life by 10 years? Yep! It has been proven that smoking is really bad for a lot of reasons. We all know that exercise keeps you healthy. A smoker becomes short of breath and finds it really hard to exercise. Smokers get sick more often. They get colds and coughs very easily because their immune system is week. Smokers are more at risk of getting strokes.

You can waste a lot of money by smoking. It’s a very expensive habit. An average smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes a day would spend around $3000 a year on smoking which is damaging their bodies. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a relaxing holiday? Or new clothes.

In Conclusion, you should not smoke and if you do quit now! Because you can get Lung diseases like cancer and emphysema, you can reduce your life by 10 years and you can waste a lot of money by smoking so why would you smoke?


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